Wybor 32 Inch Smart LED TV, 32WHS-04 22,290.00 14,000.00
Baltra COSMO/BIC-111 Induction Cooktop (Black, Push Button) 2,795.00 1,800.00
  • Ultra HD 3840p Internet Enabled
  • WiFi + LAN Connectivity
  • HDMI x 3, USB x 2
  • Colour Booster
  • SuperLuma
  • Built-in Apps
  • Dolby Enabled
  • AirFly Remote (optional)
  • 3 Years Warranty

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61,990.00 47,000.00


Watch everything in Ultra High Definition (4K) with Wybor 55WUS-02 Liv4x LED TV. It has been developed with the highest resolution of 3840 x 2160 to provide unbelievably clear picture with crisp details and rich texture. You will be able to witness the high definition of the on-screen image in every shot.

The device incorporates 60 Hz Perfect Motion Rate with merely 6.5ms response time which allows you to watch your favorite fast paced action movies with decreased motion-blur. Basically, PMR reduces the flickering effect from the image, giving you impeccable picture performance.

Play media files by using the USB/SD Card connectivity option and enjoy watching Videos, Music and Photos from your USB/SD Card drive. the file extensions supported by USB/SD are: .ac3(dolby enabled), .avi, .mkv, .mov, .ts/.tr, .mp4, .vob, .dat, .mpg, .mpeg, .rm/.rmvb, .mp3, .wma, .m4a/.aac, .jpg/.jpeg, .bmp, .png and .txt



Nothing can beat this android enabled WiFi LED TV. The Wybor 55WUS-02 Liv4x has been designed with Ultra High Definition (4K) screen which has the high resolution of 3840 x 2160 performance. Now you can seamlessly browse internet, watch youtube movies, hang onto facebook, check emails, get updated on news & Guess What?? You can also connect your mobile phone wirelessly and watch your mobile content on this high technology LED TV using AirPlay application. Wybor 55WUS-02 Liv4x will surely make you future proof!


Wi-Fi AirFly Remote (optional)

Fed up of scrolling and typing with a normal remote??
Now enjoy the comfort of a fully functioning Wybor 55WUS-02 Liv4x LED TVRemote with a user friendly QWERTY Keyboard that portably fits in your hand. The Wybor Wi-Fi AirFly Remote is a perfectly proportioned small 2.4GHz wireless remote with Air Mouse & keyboard. Simple to use with a sleek, streamlined design. Whether you are directly infront of your box or not this wireless remote is effective, reliable and works great with Wybor 55WUS-02 Liv4x LED TV.


VA Panel

With the inclusion of VA panels from world’s best LED TV display manufacturer, every seat at your home will become the perfect seat to watch your favourite movie or a TV show on the Wybor 55WUS-02 Liv4x LED TV. It has a wide viewing angle of 178/178 degrees, which enables you to watch the TV from every possible angle. Additionally, the VA Samsung panel offers you incredibly sharp, clear and crisp images with vibrant colour composition.


Turbo Sound

Listen to the immersive sound of the Wybor 55WUS-02 Liv4x LED TV which incorporates the feature of Incredible Surround to offer unmatched audio quality. It is an audio technology that significantly amplifies the sound field to provide immersive audio. Additionally, it uses woofer cone speaker technology, that gives wide range of low & high frequency sound experience.


24 W Sound

Play absolutely anything and enjoy flawless audio output with Wybor 55WUS-02 Liv4x LED TV because it comes with powerful 24W RMS (2 x 12 W RMS) amplifiers. With the help of these amplifiers, you will never feel the need of having additional speaker systems.



Wybor 55WUS-02 Liv4x comprises of 3 HDMI slots which expands to High Definition Multimedia Interface. It is a connecting cable which enables you to connect your external device with the LED TV without compromising on the quality of the content. Basically, HDMI makes an uncompressed digital RGB connection directly from the source device to the big screen for incredible picture performance. It uses HDCP copy protection which makes it deliver high quality content. Moreover, you can now connect multiple HD sources, like HD set top box, Blu-ray player, Game Console and Digital Camcorder with the help of this connectivity option.


USB/SD Video

Wybor 55WUS-02 Liv4x LED TV also have Super Speed USB 3.0 which is 10x faster than normal USB ports. You can now connect your high capacity hard disk to this tv and play the content without any hassle.

Now play your favourite pictures, videos and music on your Wybor 55WUS-02 Liv4x LED TV which comes with USB/SD connect. This feature allows you to play jpeg photos, mp3 music and video files easily via all USB/SD drives. You simply need to plug the USB/SD into the available USB/SD slot which is present at the side of the TV. Access multimedia content easily, with the help of the convenient on-screen content browser.


Narrow Bezel

Wybor 55WUS-02 Liv4x comes with ultra slim bezel which allows the TV to blend into any decor, and allows its viewers the most immersive experience. The thin bezels, minimal frames and clean lines make it look as though the picture’s popping out from the wall. Even if you choose not to mount your slim TV, its thin side profile is still striking, especially when standing on latest 2 leg sleek design.


SuperLuma LED Panels

Wybor 55WUS-02 Liv4x comprises of SuperLuma panels that enhances the lightest and darkest parts of the displayed content. It’s achieved by adjusting the backlight zones to optimise image luminance, boosting the light areas of the picture. The benefit is really apparent when viewing darker scenes with bright lights, like a city scene at night time. You will definitely fall in love with the picture quality offered.

Go-Green with Wybor

Go Green with Wybor 55WUS-02 & save environment-save pocket. In comparison with old CRT TV, now you can save upto 70% power. In addition to that Wybor 55WUS-02 comes with EcoMode feature that has an Auto Turn OFF function in which if the TV is left switched ON for longer time in an idle state it will Turn OFF. This feature also have backlight adjustment for power saving. So, be a part of Go-Green with Wybor.


Unique Direct-Lit BLU Design with Quantum Dot Technology

Wybor is born to create a difference. The perfect gadget requires perfect engineering. Wybor 55WUS-02 is designed by our expert engineers to ensure integrity and accuracy of the product. Wybor 55WUS-02 uses special Brightness Enhancement Film (BEF) within the other high quality film stack to enhance the colours to top standards. Other unique feature of this Wybor 55WUS-02 is that it uses LED lamp D-Lit Technology & these special grade LED lamps are procured from fortune 500 company.


Make In India! Make for India!

Some people may say for sake of it BUT Wybor mean it.

The motherboard used in Wybor 55WUS-02 is designed specifically considering the high voltage fluctuations in India mainly in hilly areas and other rural parts of India. The motherboard has surge protection circuits with a metal-oxide varistor (MOV) & uses high standard electrolytic capacitor of 500V. So, with in-built ultra-wide range power supply, you don’t have to worry about attaching Voltage Stabiliser to Wybor TVs. Just sit back & enjoy india’s most stable technology specially Make In India! Make for India!

What Is Inside the Packed Box

Inside the Wybor 55WUS-02 package you get the following things:

  • Main Unit
  • 5 x Batteries for Remote Control
  • Wi-Fi AirFly Remote (optional)
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Certificate
  • Table Top Stand
  • Wall-Mount Bracket

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