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Arjun Chaal , Neem Chaal, Babool Chaal, Babool Fali, Bakul/Molsali, Sendha Namak, Haldi, Kapur , Peppermint, Fitkari , Clove, Kali Mirchi, Daalchini, Majufal, Timul Seeds, Kattha, Cardomom, Pipli, Akarkara, Trifla, Meetha Soda, Kankol, Ajwain, Jaifal E/O, Vajradanti


Product Weight: 30 g



The rich ayurvedic dant manjan enriched with the goodness of quality herbs, which ensures stronger teeth and is suitable in toothache, bleeding of the gums, yellowing teeth, and bad breath.



It works for both Vata and Pitta Doshas helping to maintain strong gums and teeth.



It works on Throat & Basic/Root Chakra, maintaining stronger teeth and giving relief from gum problems. Not only this, but it has been found beneficial in oral ulcers as well.



Gemini has a duality about their personality that creates a lively, versatile, and restless approach to living life. Their ability to communicate clearly helps them to share their love and appreciation for the beauty in all things. However, individuals with effusive energy can encounter burnout, so the perfect oil for the Gemini personality is Cardamom (Elettaria cardamomum). The spicy and refreshing scent of cardamom provides an overall tonic


Leo is ruled by the powerful Sun and thus full of strength and high energy. Being confident and proud instills charisma and an extroverted personality. However, this commanding and overly ambitious nature can also lead to burnout and stress. The essential oil of Ginger (Zingiber officinale) would serve the Leo energy well, with its complimentary spicy aroma that nurtures the overall energy of the body.

Colour Therapy

Green and Yellow color brings relaxation and stimulate the subtle flow of energies in the body.

Seasonal Concerns

Teeth or gum problems, oral ulcers can well be handled by this. It can be helpful for pyorrhea and bad breath.

How to Use


1. Take a small quantity on your brush and brush it across your teeth.

2. Best is to Manjan this using Middle Finger.

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